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Our Offices in Araf Association spread worldwide providing solution in several areas of expertise in different areas and globally to ensure the best results.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offices of Araf, is our largest office and headquarters of our broad-based international practice. Our clients are a substantial and diverse group, which includes several entities and other law firms, and of our practice firmwide, is the pride we take in our work product and in providing the best possible legal and business services to our clients.


The Belgium Office is the second large office in the Araf Association, which specialize in Cyber and online activities and embezzlement, also several areas of expertise which our firm provides.


The Netherland office. in the heart of Amsterdam, this office only provides with backchannels support and legislation with our team of experienced lawyers from all over the world.


Lastly the Bulgarian Office, located in Sofia, this office main focus is to provide solutions in several areas of different markets and claims adjustments.