About us

ARAF Association is a legal and business consulting association that has set the benchmark of excellence in the legal industry by helping individuals and businesses alike to get their most complex legal needs fulfilled and providing them an irreproachable legal representation with supreme eminence in a myriad of endeavors.

Our evolution as an association

Having found its pillars under the visionary leadership of esteemed board of executives back in 2015 when it started off as a small law firm consisting of only 10 employees, the firm has grown to huge heights over the years and evolved into an association employing more than 1500 individuals and striving day and night to meet the needs of their valuable clients and spreading its wings across different countries around the world.

Our sublime expertise in service delivery

As a giant corporate-structured organization, ARAF association provides its professional expertise to its clients through innumerable legal services such as litigation, cyber embezzlement, Insurance Recovery, International Trade Litigation, and many such services which are too much to count. However, the star service that the ARAF association has particularly been known for and is contacted frequently to provide their help with is Cyber & Online Embezzlement.

With our immense reputation, credibility, and our consistency in bringing big results for our clients along with the fact that we have a success rate of 87% which is higher than 90% of the law firms and entities functioning in the same area of expertise, ARAF Association has now earned a renowned name in the legal industry as we are often hired to do reviews and audits of small law firms and even requested to do consultations for them to pave the way for their success.

At ARAF association, we are determined to move heaven and earth to provide the best results to our clients consistently over time and their dedicated law experts are quick on their feet always ready to go the extra mile and leaving no stone unturned to help our clients achieve their wildest dreams when it comes to their personal growth and business success.

Our Vision

To strive for excellence in the field of individual and business legal consulting and be a standard of choice for every ambitious individual who needs a firm representation for their personal or organization legal needs.

Our mission

To help individuals and businesses overcome the legal roadblocks that stand in their way of success and empower them to live their best life having 100% confidence that their personal and organizational assets are protected by an exemplary legal organization that knows the ins and outs of the legal industry.

Our core values

As a corporate-structured organization, we are built upon some fundamental core values that have always been a part of our operations and are religiously followed in each of our endeavors. We strongly believe in the upholding of our core values and have a strict commitment to making sure that all of our organizational efforts take into account the fundamental core values that we have defined for our organization.

Following are some of the prominent core values that are part of our everyday life here at the ARAF association.


ARAF Association has a strong policy to always put the needs of their clients above everything else. We strongly believe that every single operation, every decision, and every policy in the legal business should revolve around the maximum benefit of clients, and this is why we measure our success based upon the overall success of our precious clients.


As a legal organization, we believe that mutual trust is the key to a firm client relationship. We are focused on elevating the trust of our clients in our organization by consistently being responsible, reliable, and trustworthy in every endeavor that our clients put up against and we make extra effort to exceed our client’s expectations every single time.


Empathy is deeply rooted in the mindset of every individual under the umbrella of the ARAF association. We are strongly connected to our client’s goals and we make sure to put ourselves in their shoes and determine their exact needs and aspirations so that we can provide them the best service that resonates with their objectives and falls right on their success criteria.


Ethics are the cornerstone of everything we believe in as a legal association. ARAF Association has a strong regard for the ethics of the law, and we have a strict ethical policy that must be followed in every case that we take as an organization. We never compromise on our professional ethics, after all this is what our whole institution of law and justice is built upon.

Global Regulations

Our association is proud to renew its regulation status every 25th of April for the memory of one of the late founders Mr. Turki Homadi. thus the regulation permitted by the company’s house is under the number 14069952. 

Please Visit: http://https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14069952